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Life, Love and Jewellery – Thoughts From The Boneyard

Boho jewellery goes Westworld

It's a boho jewellery and fashion trend that's always in fashion. Some fashion trends just seem to have staying power, outlasting current seasonal obsessions, earning their place in wardrobes for decades. One of these perennial favourites is the boho western style, and here's to the perfect jewellery to accessorize it.

Designer turquoise jewellery for the modern bohemian

The allure of turquoise is ageless. The earthiness of this beautiful stone speaks of its ancient cultural heritage, even when it is incorporated in the most modern of minimalist designs. It is no wonder turquoise is the most beloved stone of the bohemian movement - the mainstay of the fashion phenomenon we call boho jewellery. 

Channel your inner rebel - bohemian jewellery for the wild at heart

There comes a time in every girl's life when she hears the call of the wild. And no - that doesn't necessarily mean you have to run off to the wilds of the Amazon or join a trek to Tibet. Sometimes 'wild' can be found a little closer to home - and sometimes it's a close as your wardrobe. The 'rebel'...

Designer chic transforms boho jewellery

Love the boho look and boho jewellery but over the same old, same old? Okay, so we loved boho in the 1970s, the 1990s, the 2000s, but feeling it’s really time for boho to embrace a new vibe relevant to contemporary fashion? Well say hello to the world of artisan and designer handmade and exclusive boho jewellery created by gifted...

Going festival - totally tribal boho jewellery

From unique artisan festival standout jewellery, to affordable festival jewellery add-ons and accessories, here is a range of  boho jewellery that is not available in department stores and appeals to the festival fashionista who wants to stand out in the crowd.

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