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Designer turquoise jewellery for the modern bohemian

Turquoise jewellery from antiquity to today's catwalks

When you see the stunning ultra contemporary turquoise jewellery in designer collections, it's hard to believe this beautiful stone is one of the first ever used to adorn the body! In fact Egyptians were creating turquoise jewellery in 5500 BC, and it has also been mined in Persia for thousands of years.

To ancient cultures, turquoise had very real and powerful metaphysical properties, and many still believe that turquoise has very special properties beyond its physical beauty.

It is no wonder that turquoise was such a revered stone and highly sort after for personal adornment. In Persia, this 'holy stone' was used cover domes of temples and palaces. In Mexico it was regarded as so precious it was reserved only for the use of gods, while the Zuni wore turquoise jewellery as protection from demons.

The allure of turquoise is ageless. The earthiness of this beautiful stone speaks of its ancient cultural heritage, even when it is incorporated in the most modern of minimalist designs. It is no wonder turquoise is the most beloved stone of the bohemian movement - the mainstay of the fashion phenomenon we call boho jewellery. 

Ancient designs of Afghan and Romany turquoise jewellery is highly sought after by todays fashionistas, as it works beautifully with contemporary boho fashion. Others adore turquoise for its metaphysical properties - protection from the evil eye, the dissipation of negative energy, and as a master healing stone.

Today turquoise boho jewellery owes much of its inspiration to Southwest US Native American turquoise designs. In fact Native Americans attributed many powers to turquoise as well as venerating its beauty: the Apache believed that this 'warrior stone' helped hunters aim accurately and prevented injury and falling from horseback.

Genuine Southwest boho turquoise jewellery

 Native American turquoise jewellery, often hundreds of years old, is the major inspiration for today's cowgirl chic boho turquoise jewellery (photo:

The spirit of Southwestern Native American boho turquoise jewellery lives on

The spirit of Southwestern Native American boho turquoise jewellery lives on. Turquoise from head to toe in this stunning melding of traditional turquoise and silver boho jewellery is an unashamed callback to the tribal turquoise jewellery of ancient cultures. (photo:

Turquoise jewellery gets an urban makeover

While tribal turquoise is definitely a mainstay of traditional boho jewellery, the stone has taken on a contemporary edginess in the hands of designers. The new turquoise styles seem almost radically minimalist in style, while others are defintely red carpet fodder.

Turquoise necklaces - a boho turquoise pendant and necklace stack

Still with a tribal feel, turquoise jewellery has been pared down to simplified pieces, such as these turquoise necklaces, often wore as a stack. (photo: Pinterest)

Minimalist urban boho turquoise earringsRadical boho minimalism - welcome to the new urban turquoise jewellery, earrings edgy enough for city living, yet beautifully rustic teamed with handcrafted artisan sterling silver bars.

Urban boho turquoise necklace with wrap leather and gold-filled components

The new look boho turquoise necklace is here - and wearable absolutely anywhere! Premium Arizona turquoise dangling from gold-filled components is stunningly complemented with distressed brown leather which can be worn as a long or a wrap necklace. Edgy, contemporary, yet with a distinct nod to its tribal boho heritage. 

Turquoise jewellery on the red carpet

Turquoise necklace extravaganza

Cate Blanchett shows how dazzling an elaborate turquoise necklace makes a simple black top absolutely pop. This designer turquoise necklace, while very contemporary in design, still has elements of its tribal heritage. This Tiffany & Co. turquoise bib consisting of turquoise, aquamarine and diamonds is reminiscent of the splendid imperial turquoise necklaces worn by ancient Afghan princesses. (photo: Pinterest)

Turquoise jewellery for the working girl

Not everyone can afford a Tiffany's turquoise creation, but the selection of stunning contemporary turquoise jewellery created by young designers is growing by the day. Her Lovely Bones jewellery specialises in affordable one-off artisan turquoise necklaces, earrings and bracelets that range from edgy to minimalist, as well as traditional tribal turquoise.

Turquoise earrings dangle on long sterling silver hooks

A perfect drop turquoise earring on an elegant sterling silver hook that will take you from the office to the after-party. 

If you love unique turquoise jewellery and you're after that designer look without the Tiffany's price tag, check out the website for inspiration.