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Channel your inner rebel - bohemian jewellery for the wild at heart

There comes a time in every girl's life when she hears the call of the wild. And no - that doesn't necessarily mean you have to run off to the wilds of the Amazon or join a trek to Tibet. Sometimes 'wild' can be found a little closer to home - and sometimes it's a close as your wardrobe.

The 'rebel' is an iconic fashion favourite - think everything from goth black nail polish and outrageous cat-eye liner, androgonous biker leathers, the outrageous baroque princess, and our favourite, the wild bohemian girl.

Express your inner rebel with bohemian jewellery

Bohemian jewellery - usually shortened to boho - comes in an infinite variety of styles. The term bohemian was first coined centuries ago to describe artists and non-conformists who defined a fashion style that rebelled against convention. The bohemian jewellery and clothes they wore borrowed from exotic cultures and influenced by beliefs that challenged established and conservative beliefs. Above all, the bohemians sought to express their individuality. It's no wonder their philosophies and style is so popular today.

There is a perfect piece of bohemian jewellery to express whatever rebel secretly lurks within. You might be surprised at how empowered you feel when you explore hidden facets of yourself and show them to the world - even if only for a special occasion. 

Parisian chic bohemian jewellery

French girl style bohemian jewellery

French girl chic is something that every girl aspires to. The Parisian Bohemian style is the epitome of French panache with a definite dose of rebel. The look is deceptively casual and almost thrown together - who else would think of teaming a gold shift with a brilliant orange fun fur and emerge a picture of provocative classiness. The intent is to play with conservative fashion norms and turn them on their head  - the result is definitely ooh la la! (Photo: 

Gypsy bohemian jewellery

Boho jewellery for the wild bohemian girlTypical gypsy bohemian jewellery trend owes its inspiration to Romany culture, and includes layers of boho necklaces - beads, chains and coins. Even the lightest garments are heavily beaded and embroidered, and lush, jewel-like fabrics and colours dominate. Gypsy boho jewellery encrusts every garment. The gypsy look is fabulously decadent and opulent, and instantly transports you to lavishly decorated caravan-like boudoirs. (Photo:

Urban bohemian jewellery

Urban boho jewellery styled for the cityUrban boho jewellery styled for the city retains its bohemian origins but introduces minimalist styling. Shapes are large and bold rather than overly intricate or detailed, but are inevitably stand-out pieces like the earrings and bracelets above. It's a boho jewellery style that is designed to suit edgy urban fashion - think leather jackets or leopard pattern coats with denim. Colour is kept to a minimum and is often monochromatic, and gypsy boho embroidery and flowing peasant style dresses are nowhere in sight. (Photo:

Nomad bohemian jewellery

Tribal boho jewellery nomad style

Nomad bohemian jewellery is an umbrella term covering boho jewellery that is often labelled ethnic, tribal, Native American, Southwestern and cowgirl style. It's definitely a festival fave, and can incorporate features from a number of cultures. This eclectic member of the boho jewellery family is probably also one we associate with modern hippies. Turquoise and silver feature heavily, together with natural materials such as bone and feathers. It's distinct from gypsy bohemian jewellery in the lack of glitter and lavishly coloured and embroidered fabrics. Think desert colours and leather, suede or shaggy buffalo-like faux fur vests. Imagine yourself against sweeping canyons, prairies and desert sunsets, and you can't go wrong. (Photo: 

How to find your inner rebel

Inspired by the styles shown above and keen to discover your personal bohemian? The next step is identify and perfectly express your individual rebel spirit. Pinterest is a great place to start, with images of every possible bohemian style to get you fired up and start you on your bohemian adventure. And for a selection of unique bohemian boho jewellery covering all the styles above, get inspired at Her Lovely Bones jewellery.