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Boho jewellery goes Westworld

The boho jewellery and fashion trend that's always in fashion

Some fashion trends just seem to have staying power, outlasting the current seasonal obsession and earning their place in wardrobes for decades. One of these perennial favourites is the boho western style - yep, you can steal those cowboy boots from grandma's closet and find yourself vying with Gigi Hadid in this month's Vogue.

Gigi Hadid does western boho chic in Vogue October 2018 (photo:

This season's designers are calling you west.  (Photographed by Paul Wetherell, Vogue, October 2018). As Marley Marius in Vogue announces: "Like Hollywood, fashion has long paid homage to the American West. More recently, its iconic silhouettes and rococo detailing have been retooled with contemporary cuts and sophisticated fabrics (think tweeds, silks, and lace), charmingly melding the humble and the haute in a way not even the most committed urbanite could resist."

Saddle up and join the latest trend - boho Western glamour

The western boho look is dominating catwalks in 2018

You don't need a pony to ride west, young woman! Try Native American textures on your jacket, leather fringe, a handkerchief scarf around your neck, and western boho jewellery - a lariat or boho bracelets, to capture the essence of the look. (Photo by Mariano Vivanco for Bazaar)

 You don't have to look beyond designer catwalks to know the cowgirl western trend is the next big thing in 2018. Apart from ubiquitous cowboy boots (definitely the new status shoe) seen teamed with everything from jeans to floaty and floral midi dresses, fringes have suddenly appeared on everything, worn western leather is everywhere, quilted patchwork and vintage lace are materials of choice, and button-up western shirts are de rigeur.

Along with the trend, a fresh boho jewellery trend is emerging. We are seeing designer, limited edition pieces featuring Western motifs and precious metals. 

But you don't have to go full-on Westworld to ride this trend. Western buckles on belts are a nod in the right direction, as are button-up shirts (preferably with a bolo necklace), and of course the compulsory cowboy boot.

A western boho staple - the cowboy boot

The cowboy boot is the perfect complement to western boho jewellery. Go full-on prairie girl or the more subtle cuban heel on an classic black boot. (Photo: 

How to be a cowgirl in the city with one or two western elements

The two photos below are great examples of how simple it is to adapt the cowgirl style using pieces from your existing wardrobe. Everyone has jeans, right? 

The boho western cowgirl looks adapts easily to urban lifeThe boho western cowgirl looks adapts easily to urban life. Add nothing more than a cowboy hat and a western boho necklace and you'll nail the spirit of the trend. (Photo:

Western boho with nothing more than an addition of a cowgirl hat

Western boho jewellery - stacked bracelets and silver/turquoise rings, together with a cowboy hat, are enough to transform black jeans and a white singlet in a prairie girl cowgirl statement outfit. (Photo:

Five easy pieces to nail your western makeover

1. A big silver western buckle on your belt (these are available everywhere and range from the incredibly cheap to one-off designer works of art).

2. Basic boots with a slanted cuban heel - you don't need to be extravagant, although the designer cowboy boots are totally lust-worthy.

3. Fringes on absolutely anything - your jacket, your handbag, your boots, your jeans.

4. A western style cowgirl hat (or okay, if you're just not a hat person, try the tailored western-style shirt with touches of gorgeous embroidery).

5. A bunch of boho stacked bracelets, simple silver chains with western motifs (a great collection is currently on sale at Her Lovely Bones) or Native American inspired necklaces and earrings. Leather bracelets are also a great staple of western boho jewellery - see a huge selection of discounted leather bracelets here.

So get inspired, saddle up, and check out the range of western boho style jewellery here.