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About Us

Q: Well hello there, Her Lovely Bones! Interesting name. Where did that come from?

A: Glad you asked, Q. First of all - Hello back at you, and welcome to our site.

Now...about our name. You could say that bones are pretty much our starting point when we create jewellery. Okay - so we think bones are just gorgeous. Natural bones, crystal bones or bones handcrafted from silver - we love 'em all. No bone discrimination permitted in the Boneyard! Skulls, leg bones, teeth, pretty much the whole skeleton really. While we're crazy about Swarovski crystal bones, we use quite a bit of sustainably sourced bone in our pieces too. 

But the really important bones are those of our customers. You see, we create pieces to flatter bone structure. What use is jewellery if it doesn't enhance your gorgeousness? Earrings sculpted to make those cheek bones pop; necklaces that crown your collar bones, bracelets designed to emphasise the artistry of an elegant wrist...


Q: Wow. That's quite an ambition. So you're sort of the botox of the jewellery world?

A: Well, we'd like to be modest, but honestly, Yes. Our shameless purpose is to flatter your features. Take 'pretty' and elevate it to 'stunning'. Take 'ordinary' and turn it into 'unique'. Take the wall out of get the picture.


Q: You've sold me! So what makes your jewellery so different?

A: The formula for bone-enhancing jewellery is a patented secret held in a Swiss vault. If we told you, we'd have to...well, you know how this ends.

So how about we explain our design ethic?

Our basic inspiration is definitely boho, but we wanted to make it relevant to a new generation and culture: grittier, edgier - boho with attitude. If you're interested, there's a lot more about our design philosophy and creative process here and  in this blog article.

We call this new look Metro Boho, or the new Bohemian - a little bit boho, a little bit urban, a whole lot unique.


Q: So are bones the total focus of your range?

A: Maybe we’re a bit bone obsessed. But while our designers love to play with bones, we’re open to anything. Precious metal, feathers, leather, stunning turquoise, premium Swarovski crystal skulls and teeth - we stop at nothing to ensure our jewellery makes your bones as beautiful as a work of art.


Q: Are your bone maestros...sorry, jewellery designers...all local or do you source material internationally?

A: We travel the world to find the very best in bones and stones. Our favourite artisans can be found in Florida, Israel and the Greek Islands. We source premium turquoise from mines in the US known for producing the world's best turquoise. We have a strong non-discrimination policy here.

We also import some pieces direct from India and the tropics of Asia. Our bone crescents are actually carved in Bali, and of course we ensure that all the natural materials we use are sustainably sourced from naturally deceased animals. We're pretty much on first name terms with most of our suppliers (the craftsmen, not the buffalos). While we gather the pieces from all over the world, most of the jewellery is designed and finally assembled in Melbourne by our in-house bone aficionado and turquoise fetishist.


Q: Any final words before I rush off and buy your most cheek-bone flattering earrings?

A: about we take a deep breath and leave you with this audacious promise: Call us ambitious. Call us bone obsessed. Call us what you want, but once you put our Lovely Bones next to yours you’ll never want to take them off.


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