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Life, Love and Jewellery – Thoughts From The Boneyard

Edgy hippie chic - a boho jewellery makeover

The new boho jewellery - streamlined, citified and edgy As fashion trends evolved, so too did boho jewellery evolve along with them. While retaining the original spirit of boho, the jewellery morphed into a style that could be worn with any outfit, pretty much anywhere. 'Hippie' became 'edgy' and boho jewellery became a must-have accessory to team with everything...

Ooh la la! French model does boho jewellery better!

What is it with French women? Whatever style they wear, they seem to embrace it and make it their own. Our French model Mandy takes boho jewellery for a spin and shows you how to transform this old favourite into a wear-everywhere chic style. All the limited edition or one-off pieces Mandy is wearing are exclusive to 

The many faces of boho jewellery

From humble beginnings as the favourite of bohemian free spirits, boho jewellery has grown over the decades to become an ever-evolving and always relevant fashion accessory. While the spirit of boho jewellery has remained the same - an expression of individual freedom, rejection of convention, a sense of rebelliousness, and a preference for handcrafted and unique artisan pieces -...

The new Bohemian jewellery - something old is suddenly very new

The new Bohemian is the jewellery trend you didn't know you should be wearing now. Everyone has heard of boho jewellery and boho style. The new Bohemian is jewellery that is less tribal and more artistic, creative and chic. The style owes its origins to the rebellious artists and bohemians of the French revolution. Reinvented by designers as...

Wild, wild west! Here's the boho tribal jewellery trending now

The Western and tribal jewellery trend is the must-have look this season. Are you a white hat cow-gal or a black hat wild-cat? Everyone is suddenly going western, and the time to choose is your new look is now. Ever fancied yourself a character from Westworld, the television hit that put the focus straight onto wild girls in cowboy...

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