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Designer chic transforms boho jewellery

Chic boho jewellery to really turn heads

Love the boho look and boho jewellery but over the same old, same old? Okay, so we loved boho in the 1970s, the 1990s, the 2000s, but feeling it’s really time for boho to embrace a new vibe relevant to contemporary fashion? Well say hello to the world of artisan and designer handmade and exclusive boho jewellery created by gifted craftspeople and fashion maestros working at the leading edge of fashion.

Designer statement boho jewellery

Traditional boho jewellery completely transformed - the usual festival tribal bracelet and gypsy choker has evolved into a contemporary masterpiece in this designer interpretation of the bohemian spirit. (Photo courtesy Vogue US November 2017)

Breaking boundaries - unique boho jewellery

If you’ve always thought of boho jewellery as a go-festival-then-throw away style, you’re going to blown away by the new generation of this ever popular style. In the hands of designers and artisans, premium boho has become a stunning high-end and exclusive accessory that would not be out of place at the classiest red carpet event.

The spirit of boho is alive and well, but it's come a long way from its festival ethnic and tribal roots. The term boho is simply an abbreviation of the term bohemian, essentially embracing the unconventional, the artistic, the provocative and the unique. Boho jewellery provides a very broad canvas for pushing fashion boundaries, and has been the playground for creators to play with the ideas beloved by fashionistas and It Girls who dominate Instagram posts and always stand out in any crowd. So the bohemian spirit lives on...always provocative, always unique, always at the leading edge of fashion. 

Designer boho jewellery - unique boho chic necklace and earrings

A new take on tribal in the anything-goes world of designer boho jewellery. Standout jewellery which retains the spirit of boho but transformed into unique designer pieces. (Photo courtesy

Scene stealing artisan boho jewellery for any occasion

While standout designer boho jewellery has dominated the catwalks, for most of us it's something best kept for those special red-carpet moments. A more versatile solution is the current crop of artisan pieces being produced by artisans working with boho as a starting point, but creating pieces that are edgy and incredibly versatile. 

Dare to be different - you might find it to be addictive!

It's always a big step to move out of your fashion comfort zone. Sometimes it feels a lot easier just to blend in with the crowd. A simple way to start is with your jewellery and accessories, rather than leaping into a standout designer outfit. Baby steps! Start looking for and investing in unique artisan and designer boho jewellery pieces. These days, boho pretty much encompasses accessories that are not found mass-produced pieces found in department stores. They are usually limited edition pieces created by designers and artisans for those special girls often labelled as muses, A-listers or fashionistas.

Are you tempted to make the move to the being the girl who always gets a second glance? Go on, be brave, and channel your inner rebel. It can be a very addictive experience.

From one-off statement necklaces to edgy pendants...

Here are three examples of the new generation of designer boho jewellery ranging from the OMG statement necklace to more minimalist interpretations you can wear to any occasion and with any outfit in your wardrobe. Thinking styling these with jeans and t-shirts, or a stunning LBD with a leopard coat slung over your shoulder.

Designer one-off boho statement necklaceThe ultimate boho inspired one-off designer statement necklace, the Prairie Princess. Not for the faint hearted, this standout piece is a showcase of Swarovski crystal skulls and arrow heads, tribal silver, bone, shells and stunning crystal quartz.

Swarovski Hanging Rock pendant necklace, minimalist boho jewellery at its classiestFrom the baroque extravagance of the Prairie Princess necklace to the edgy minimalism of the Hanging Rock pendant, a gorgeous rough hewn yet exquisitely crafted Swarovski crystal pendant - boho jewellery at its simplest, yet so eye-catching. The Grand Canyon lines of the Swarovski pendant harks back to boho roots, but the overall effect is that of contemporary artisan minimalism. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Artisan urban boho statement necklace - leather wrap with artisan tear and turquoise pendant

Using boho jewellery staples - leather and turquoise - this artisan creation, the stunning Tear wrap necklace, is nothing if not totally contemporary.  The tear centrepiece has been hand crafted by a world class artisan, and nestles exquisite rare Arizona turquoise. The Tear itself is an artisan masterpiece, carefully shaped and hammered so that each example is totally unique - just like the girl who wears it!

Artisan boho earrings when you won't settle for anything else but a true original

Artisan designer urban boho earrings - miles of silver with rare turquoiseArtisan handmade silver bar earrings, the silver beautifully etched and hammered and just stretching for miles. Sick of the same old hoop earrings - here is the answer. Stunning boho earrings the reach almost to your shoulders, topped by squares of rare, azure Arizona pieces. 

Designer copper boho earrings with Arizona turquoiseA contemporary interpretation of the boho spirit, these brilliant copper talons are standout earrings that are edgy enough to complete your most provocative outfit. Rare Arizona turquoise provides a brilliant splash of blue and elevates boho into the realm of contemporary designer jewellery. Again the aim of the artisan is to remain true to the bohemian spirit - to standout out in the plethora of conventional jewellery, to allow the wearer to proudly declare herself as a girl who feels no need to blend into the masses. 

Ox bone moon crescent boho necklaces on large silver earhooksTraditional Bali ox bone has been elevated to the next level in the moon crescent boho statement earrings on huge sterling silver curved ear hooks. Nothing demure about this sophisticated interpretation of boho - it's provocative minimalism beloved of It-Girls and A-listers, but versatile enough to be worn with anything in your wardrobe.

The pieces above are just a small sample of the stunning artisan, designer and one-off contemporary boho jewellery being produced and sold in limited quantities to girls who want to make an impact with their accessories. For those interested in moving away from traditional boho and exploring urban and minimalist boho jewellery, the time has never been better. Boho has never been so edgy, and so relevant to contemporary fashion. For more inspiration, check out the artisan pieces at Her Lovely Bones jewellery.