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Going festival - totally tribal boho jewellery

Boho tribal jewellery - a festival fave

Tribal jewellery is beloved by bohemian fashionistas as their everyday jewellery of choice, but for most of us it becomes a compulsory must-have item at festival time.  Tribal jewellery is one of the many styles of boho jewellery - it generally has a Native American heritage, and is distinctly different from other popular boho jewellery styles such as gypsy, urban, hippie and vintage boho.

Festival jewellery - tribal jewellery is a festival fave

Of all boho jewellery styles, tribal jewellery is a favourite at festivals, and the Native American influence is very clear in this type of festival jewellery - leather, turquoise, silver and feathers are a hallmark of the look. In this tribal necklace, the Buffalo Girl Spirit Dreamer, gorgeous turquoise nuggets complement tribal silver charms. The bracelet also features dainty beads of turquoise, and will soon become a favourite piece to wear with everything. 

The choice of festival jewellery is huge, and cheaper factory manufactured tribal jewellery is sold in the thousands. But for the true bohemian, the girl who looks for something different and wants to stand out in the crowd, the right piece is much trickier to find.

As Elle Magazine advises, the trick is to 'avoid being a Coechella fashion cliche. If your in constant danger of tripping over your fringe, you're doing it all wrong."

Wise words - but how to follow the advise and not become a Coechella clone? The trick is not to do what everyone else is doing - or wearing the same look or festival jewellery that everyone is wearing.

Here's where Her Lovely Bones jewellery comes to the fore. Specialising in artisan, high-quality boho jewellery using precious metals and rare turquoise, this is tribal jewellery for the discerning It-Girl who expects her photo to go viral on social media. Our pieces of festival jewellery are either one-off or limited edition, although Boho Bazaar features a great range of affordable mass-produced festival jewellery add-ons to complement your primary handmade artisan pieces.

Traditional tribal jewellery with a modern twist

Festival jewellery - boho jewellery with a tribal twist

This collection of festival jewellery is one that you'll want to keep forever and team with outfits as varied as a sleek black cocktail dress or city wear t-shirt and jeans. The standout statement piece tribal necklace is a totally modern interpretation of tribal jewellery, updated with stunning Swarovski skulls and arrowheads that are screaming out to be teamed with your fave leather jacket. This necklace is called Prairie Princess for a reason - it's a one-off, handmade artisan piece dripping with silver and wild-girl style bone spikes that are in-your-face gorgeous: an unique, edgy take on tribal jewellery Not a boho necklace for the faint-hearted, this is the piece you wear to stand out in the festival crowd of sameness. And the best thing is you'll be wearing it back in the city as well. Bone spike earrings complete the look, together with a simple leather wrap bracelet. 

Exclusive tribal and festival jewellery you'll treasure forever

Festival jewellery - boho jewellery tribal jewelleryThe Buffalo Girl Wild Rider festival necklace is another unique piece designed in the tribal style of boho jewellery. Turquoise, feathers and leather form the setting for a huge raw quartz crystal and beautifully crafted silver native charms. The earrings also feature turquoise nuggets, and suspend buffalo bone pendants wrapped in rustic twine. The wear-anywhere turquoise and leather bracelet provides the finishing touch. You're totally festival ready, and confident that your handmade artisan boho jewellery is yours and yours alone!

Unique festival jewellery that keeps it simple

Hey, we know the feeling. Sometimes you just want to cruise along and keep things simple and minimal, but you still don't want to look like a thousand others at the festival - you know, that dreaded Coechella cringe when the first five girls you run across are wearing exactly the same cross-over gold-plated Indian wrap chain as you are, courtesy of every department store in town :(

The solution is a simple, minimal handcrafted tribal piece similar to the boho jewellery below. Though minimal, they are definitely tribal jewellery in the use of the handcrafted materials and components such as feathers and arrowheads.

Festival jewellery boho style - macrame woven necklace with jade arrowhead

This gorgeous jade arrowhead necklace is a simple festival jewellery alternative when you don't want to drape yourself with a ton of boho jewellery. The intricate  pattern of the woven macrame necklace adds a subtle tribal jewellery feel to this classy but definitely festival-approved necklace.

Festival jewellery boho style - macrame woven necklace with azure feather

In this festival necklace a stunning azure feather replaces the jade arrowhead featured in the photo above.

Boho Bazaar for bargain festival boho jewellery

While you might be happy to spend up on your festival showpiece necklace, you can keep the cost down on your 'add-on' festival jewellery accessories choosing from the boho jewellery in our Boho Bazaar. Below are just a small selection of the essential pieces to finish off your festival look.

Festival jewellery - bargain boho bracelets, necklaces and earringsWhether you want to lash out on a unique one-off artisan festival show piece, or are simply looking for affordable festival jewellery and accessories, check out the range at Her Lovely Bones jewellery to see the incredible variety of jewellery that is festival worthy, yet also wearable in your 'other live' as a city girl.