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Who are you guys anyway?

Glad you asked. Okay, let's start the ball rolling with a nice philosophical question. There are three of us, but we're not the Three Bears or the Three Musketeers or the Three Wise Men. We don't talk politics or religion but we love animals and the environment and lovely, shiny, dazzling things to adorn the body. We might be tiny in size, but huge in heart and ambition, and eager to bring you unique, stylish and one-off jewellery at affordable prices. We create our wares at the Boneyard (which is what you call a room with lots of jewellery tools and three bone-crazy people drinking lots of coffee.) We are designers rather than metal-smiths, so we commission specialist silversmiths and artisans from all around the world to create unique metal components to use in our jewellery. There's lots more about us in, you guessed it, 'About Us.'


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! 'Share the love' is the Boneyard philosophy, so it thrills us to know our Her Lovely Bones treasures are finding homes all over the world. For postage costs and details on countries we ship to see Shipping and Returns.


Is all your jewellery made in Australia? 

We use wonderful specialist artisans from all over the world to craft individual components to our design specifications, but the jewellery is assembled, and in many cases completely handmade in Australia. We also import pieces from Bali and India - most of these are found in the Boho Bazaar section and are super affordable ways to add to your collection. Swarovski crystal is a signature element of our Urban range, and these crystals are imported from Austria. In most cases however, the final piece is designed and either fully made or assembled in Melbourne, Australia.


What materials do you use - I'm confused about the different metals, and concerned by the use of bones.

Her Lovely Bones jewellery is made from a variety of metals. Most pieces are made from precious metals such as pure silver, sterling silver, gold-fill and vermeil. This blog article describes the difference between various metals. While they may require a clean from time to time, the integrity of these metals lasts a lifetime. Pewter, copper, bronze and jeweller's quality brass are also used. The less expensive pieces generally include plated metals which may eventually lose their surface plating depending on care and use. To help you care for your jewellery, many of our pieces are supplied with a free cleaning cloth for you to use to ensure years of beauty. We want to make it easy for you to have years of hassle-free pleasure from your jewellery.

Any organic materials we use - leather, bone, shell, and feather - are responsibly and sustainably sourced. We deal only with reputable suppliers known to us and do not source from countries with questionable sustainability policies. You can be absolutely confident that our bone comes from naturally deceased oxen and buffalo. We are all animal rights activists at the Boneyard and check our sources carefully.


Why does the price of your turquoise pieces vary so much?

We also use a variety of turquoise, ranging from the most expensive and desirable, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, to the more affordable howlite, chalk and magnesite. The type of turquoise is always specified. This is important as 'fake' turquoise is often sold as the genuine article. In reality, the price of various 'turquoise' varies wildly, and its important for you to know exactly what you are buying. That's why you'll notice that the prices on our turquoise pieces will vary significantly according to the quality of the turquoise used.


How do I care for my jewellery?

With many pieces we supply a special jewellery cleaning cloth as a free gift. Alternatively, cleaning cloths or liquid cleaners for sterling silver and gold are readily available in most supermarkets. Avoid using these for precious gemstones like turquoise, which should require no more than a wipe with a warm damp cloth. See 'About Artisan' in your product description for further instructions of how to get the best out of your jewellery. Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray or other chemicals. Over time plated materials may darken or tarnish exposing the base metal. Ideally these should be replated every two years. For this reason we avoid the use of plated metal unless it's unavoidable, or to reduce the cost of our cheaper pieces. See 'About Artisan' for further instructions of how to get the best out of your jewellery.


Why should I buy my jewellery from you?

Oooh, a hard question for last. Well...we like to think we've created something pretty unique with Her Lovely Bones jewellery. We call this style Metro Boho, or the New Bohemian, because it's a combination of two jewellery styles we love - edgy urban and boho tribal. We don't know of anyone else creating this sort of jewellery, and if they are, all we can say is - COPYCAT! :( So if you want a unique look combining two gorgeous styles, Her Lovely Bones is definitely the jewellery for you. Plus we're nice people. Really. Email us and chat about our jewellery anytime :)