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The new Bohemian jewellery - something old is suddenly very new

The new Bohemian - the jewellery trend you didn't know you should be wearing now

Everyone has heard of boho jewellery and boho style. Images that spring to mind are masses of tribal bling, floaty lace or ethnic embroidered dresses and fingers covered with turquoise and silver rings. Think hippies, festivals, flower-power, rusty sleeper vans and outrageously flared embroidered pants.

But boho jewellery is so much more than that. Since the 1960s it has diverged into a number of different styles - tribal boho jewellery, ethnic style, boho chic, gypsy boho, urban boho and of course, the very oldest, the bohemian style. Ready to leap straight in? You can find unique bohemian jewellery pieces here.

The return of Bohemian jewellery

Fashion is cyclical, and what we think of as western or buffalo girl boho jewellery has taken stage on and off since the 1960s. But now theres a new kid on the boho jewellery block. Stemming from the original Bohemian jewellery, it's really not very new at all, but rediscovered, reinvented and embraced by designers as the must-have boho jewellery style of the moment. 

Bohemian jewellery has a far broader aesthetic and embraces different styles and elements than the other boho jewellery styles. Quite simply, it is boho jewellery that is different from conventional jewellery fashion with being locked into a particular boho look. Probably the best way to describe it is 'eclectic'. It's a fashion rebellion against the typical neutral or 'safe' jewellery that everyone else is wearing. In short, it is jewellery with personality! As it's an expression of your inner rebel or artist, it can take many forms. So you needn't look like a hippy or Raj princess or buffalo gal to be a bohemian - you just have to express your unique self!

Of course, boho jewellery delights in surprising and attracting attention, and is not for the wall-flower! But who doesn't have moments when they want to express usually hidden aspects of their personality? Do you yearn to show the world the confident, irreverent, creative aspects of your personality? Then welcome to the new Bohemian jewellery.

Bohemian jewellery lets you be an original - and that's uber cool!

Let's be honest - when you're wearing the same jewellery as everyone else it literally becomes invisible. Think of celebrities, It-Girls and fashion influencers - and ask yourself why they gather followers and appear all over social media. Simple! Because they turn themselves inside out to look different from everyone else. They're trend setters, game-changers. They look for the new and original, and that's what make them the women we follow.

Well, guess what, there's nothing to stop you from adopting their methods - except of course your confidence. Ever been envious of the girl at the party who stands out because she doesn't look like everyone else? You can do it too! Here's a hint...start with a Swarovski Wolfs Tooth and watch everyone watching you....

Boho jewellery the new Bohemian choker with reg magma Swarovski wolfs tooth pendant

 The plain black choker gets a jolt of bohemian glam with a stunning Swarovski Wolfs Tooth pendant in red magma. Matching bohemian earrings on stunning long sterling earrings. A red Malay jade bracelet finishes the look and suddenly you have made something rather ordinary into a chic Bohemian fashion statement.

Express your inner bohemian

The Bohemians started it all in the 1800s! Yep, centuries ago, due to the upheaval of traditonal values caused by the French revolution,  the world experienced its first fashion counter-culture movement. Embraced mainly by artists, creative types and generally anyone wanting to rebel against the establishment, this was the beginning of the style we now call boho. Of course even the term boho comes from 'bohemian,' meaning unconventional, rebellious, free-spirited, irreverent, creative. 

The focus of bohemian jewellery is above all on self-expression. It's the choice of girls who aren't afraid to be different and express themselves through fashion and jewellery. It's not for the conventional or the faint-hearted, but that's what makes it so special. Bohemian jewellery allows you to express your self in a way that 'follow the crowd' jewellery never will. 

Bohemian jewellery is loved by women who are fiercely independent and not averse to making a statement, it is also a favourite of fashionista's with strong creative and artistic personalities. But isn't there an creative and independent spirit lurking in every girl, however deeply buried? Bohemian jewellery is a wonderful opportunity to discover that aspect of yourself - to find self-expression, and let the rest of the world see it too!

Make the ordinary extraordinary

Unconventional. Mysterious. Compelling. Bohemian jewellery is certainly exotic and very high-fashion, and has become a favourite on the catwalks of the world.

 You may not be able to afford the designer high-end bohemian jewellery which can cost into the thousands, but you can certainly use them as inspiration. Here is an affordable way to get that 'who's that girl' factor into your wardrobe, boho jewellery that has a definite bohemian vibe.

Bohemian gypsy multi wrap onyx boho necklace

This Bohemian multi wrap onyx necklace is an absolute standout piece. Miles of delicate onyx beads carry sterling silver charms and Swarovski skulls. This is boho jewellery that is both elegant and provocative. A perfect artist's choice - and a great example of how gypsy elements can be incorporated into bohemian jewellery.

Bohemian necklace - a leather wrap with Swarovski crystal and gold-filled charms

A true chameleon of boho jewellery, this Bohemian necklace (a leather wrap with Swarovski crystal and real gold-fill - not simply gold-plated - charms) takes the plain weather wrap into the realms of the exotic, transforming what could have been a bland piece into a true creative Bohemian jewellery statement.  

Bohemian jewellery for any occasion

One of the great attractions of boho jewellery is that it expresses freedom from convention and the importance of individuality. Bohemian jewellery takes this a step further in that it embraces a range of looks and jewellery styles far broader than traditional boho. There is a bohemian piece for every look and every occasion. Interested in exploring this versatile new style? Check out the many looks of the new Bohemian here.

Feature photo: Harpers Bazaar. Photo: Nathaniel Goldberg.