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Ooh la la! French model does boho jewellery better!

French model tips to nail boho jewellery chic

What is it with French women? Whatever style they wear, they seem to embrace it and make it their own. Our French model Mandy takes boho jewellery for a spin and shows you how to transform this old favourite into a wear-everywhere chic style.

All the limited edition or one-off pieces Mandy is wearing are exclusive to Her Lovely Bones jewellery.

In the main photo above Mandy wears a minimalist artisan boho necklace with a stunning handmade bone pendant rather then the usual chain, a boho stack bracelet in ocean blue turquoise agate, and stunning turquoise and silver artisan earrings to capture a look that is both boho and yet totally contemporary minimalist. Boho jewellery, once associated with festivals, hippies and the Southwestern cow gal look, is transformed into a glamour style you'd expect to see in the high fashion venues of Paris. In a word - ooh la la!

A French model's guide to wearing boho jewellery

Mandy shows just how versatile boho jewellery is. It can be elegant, it can be minimalist, it can be worn with just about every outfit without losing its distinct boho flavour. 

While we all aspire to French girl style, it does mean moving out of your comfort zone. Don't be averse to looking like an original - if you follow the crowd and wear what everyone else is wearing you're breaking the cardinal French girl style rule. Take that first step and you won't ever look back. The French model look is easily achievable - and it starts with confidence!

French models never compromise their personal style to adhere to a fashion credo. They are the leaders of the fashion world, never the followers. When French models choose their accessories, they move out of the comfort zone. After all, the idea is to standout, not blend in anonymously. Boho jewellery is the perfect choice as it promotes self-expression and individuality. It is eye-catching jewellery, and always adds that oh so French note of ephemeral 'how does she do it' style. 

So pick your style - and Mandy will show you how to add that special element of individuality with unique boho jewellery.

Boho jewellery does 'classic with an edge'

Take your favourite black dress. You could add a delicate chain, or a small pendant, and basically blend into the crowd. Of course, the French model will choose a different route. She'll add an elegant but provocative standout piece, something that expresses her individuality and has people asking, "How did she think of wearing that!"

 French boho jewellery chic for a classic urban little black dress

French models know all the tricks! A classic little black dress is elevated to a French chic statement with a unique, artisan boho jewellery set of wrap boho necklace and boho earrings. The necklace has all the elements of traditional boho jewellery - it's handmade and artisan, the leather is beautifully distressed, and the turquoise is the rarest and most expensive - stunning Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Boho jewellery transformed to make the ultimate French chic glamour statement. 

Boho jewellery does office chic

Every thought of wearing boho jewellery to the office? It's the sort of thing a French model does to elevate an otherwise simple silk cami into the realm of French girl glamour. The look is understated, but with a provocative edge. Who could resist these gorgeous black bone crescents. Handcrafted in Bali by traditional tribal artisans, the buffalo bone has been beautifully crafted - just the sort of unique artisan piece that characterises French girl chic. Boho jewellery French girl style - black bone crescent boho necklace handcrafted in BaliUnderstated, yet subtly subversive. Boho jewellery can be adapted perfectly for office wear. Forget the feathers and flowers, French girls adapt boho jewellery to suit the occasion - in this case, gorgeous handcrafted bone crescent ecklace choker and earrings add a touch of bad-girl irony to a simple cami top, but would work just as well with a crisp white shirt. A small departure from your conventional chains, a huge leap in your style rating!

Boho jewellery does minimalism with oomph

Nothing is more stunning than a standout piece of boho jewellery. While you might immediately think of a lot of fussy dangles and tribal elements, minimalist boho jewellery is just as unique, and infinitely more versatile. Just ask any French girl! 

Boho jewellery can be minimalist - a standout Swarovski crystal pendant in gleaming rainbow crystalThis gorgeous Swarovski pendant, Hanging Rock, is more dazzling than any diamond and has the organic shape associated with boho jewellery. It has the wow-factor in spades, but is minimalist enough to wear with so many outfits. Low cut tops or hanging over a winter skivy, this is a piece a French model would always carry in her travel bag. The only other addition is a pair of boho earrings - rainbow crystal skull earrings more brilliant than diamonds. Because of course, diamonds are for everyone (even grandma!) but these subversive little skulls have the French girl thumbing at convention style you're aiming for.

Boho jewellery does agent provocateur - sass with class

Swarovski crystal in gleaming rainbow shades and huge onyx beads - a style statement beloved of every French girl. But here's the thing - let's add a little edginess, because, well, we really don't want to fade into the 'everyone is wearing that' crowd. So our French model has added the oomph factor to her diamond-bright boho jewellery - gloriously crafted Swarovski crystal skulls!

Subversive urban boho jewellery - onyx and diamond bright Swarovski crystal given oomph with Swarovski skullsSubversive and chic urban boho jewellery - onyx and diamond bright Swarovski crystal given a distinct French girl oomph with Swarovski skulls. Class with sass, stand out in any crowd with glorious Swarovski crystal boho jewellery. This boho necklace with Swarovski skull is your go-to piece when a diamond just doesn't give your outfit that unconventional French girl edge. Add Swarovski skull boho earrings as brilliant as any diamond, and a stunning onyx and Swarovski bracelet.

Ready to lift your style and accessorise like a French model? Check out the selection at Her Lovely Bones jewellery and nab one of Mandy's pieces. All items are limited edition or one-off artisan creations, so you can be sure you'll be getting a lot of 'where did she get that!" second glances.