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Edgy hippie chic - a boho jewellery makeover

The new wave in boho jewellery

Remember when boho jewellery was the feathery and flowery stuff you grabbed out of your bottom drawer when festival season approached? Kinda tribal/ethnic/gypsy extravaganza pieces that knew their place, coupled with caftans, embroidered gypsy skirts and handmade sandals and kept firmly away from your everyday life as a urban girl. After all, the only girls who wore it were firmly in the 'hippie' camp, and nobody ever associated the term 'hippie' with the word 'chic.'

Well, things couldn't be more different these days. The new wave of boho jewellery has come a long way from those lazy, crazy festival days. The feature photo above of a silver tooth spike boho pendant shows how far we've come from the fussy, over-layered days of festival hippie jewellery.

Fashion evolves or simply becomes nostalgia, and boho jewellery has evolved with a vengeance. Boho style has always been eclectic and readily absorbed multiple fashion influences, so the evolution of boho jewellery was pretty much inevitable.

The new boho jewellery - streamlined, citified and edgy

As fashion trends evolved, so too did boho jewellery evolve along with them. While retaining the original spirit of boho, the jewellery morphed into a style that could be worn with any outfit, pretty much anywhere.

'Hippie' became 'edgy' and boho jewellery became a must-have accessory to team with everything from leopard pattern coats to slick black jeans. Check out the designs below to see the transformation to the new hippie chic.  

Boho chic jewellery - the modern hippy goes edgy and minimalist

Using the traditional boho elements of boho jewellery - a 'wolf's tooth', leather, and silver - these boho elements have taken on an edgy, urban style with the Swarovski crystal Wolfs Tooth pendant and a simple black leather choker on sterling silver. Minimalist and boho - this new hippie chic boho necklace is  a marriage made in fashion heaven.

Urban boho hippie chic jewellery - rough hewn, edgy Swarovski pendant on long chainUrban boho chic jewellery - the stunning Hanging Rock pendant, rough hewn, edgy Swarovski pendant, your own little piece of the Grand Canyon, on a long rolo chain. Combing the organic with the edgy, a hallmark of the new hippie chic boho jewellery. Wear anywhere, goes with everything, and still retains the essence of the provocative bohemian. 

Artisan workmanship and boho jewellery - a perfect partnership

Boho jewellery has always emphasised the use of handmade and locally crafted pieces, and artisan jewellery is the perfect expression of modern hippie chic. Artisan pieces are limited edition and handmade by craftsmen from sustainable and ethical materials. Meticulously crafted, they are the unique expression of a single artist - the furthest you can go from factory manufactured pieces supplies in the thousands. Boho jewellery has always striven to be different - it's the jewellery of the bohemian, the rebel, the It Girl who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Minimalist artisan boho jewellery. Sterling silver bone pendant.An exquisitely artisan-crafted silver bone pendant pays tribute to the natural bone pieces used in traditional boho jewellery, but is a contemporary minimalist version that would not be out of place on any occasion. The subversive Bohemian heritage is transformed into an ultra minimalist fashion statement.

Modern hippy chic in this barbed leather and jade arrow boho necklace

Edgy barbed-wire style leather necklace with beautiful green jade arrowhead pendant can be worn long or wrapped around the neck for a provocative edgy take on boho jewellery. The piece is finished with a traditional tribal boho jewellery element - the arrowhead. This one is glorious green jade, a touch of chic that defines the new hippie boho trend.

Modern hippie chic combines boho spirit with urban style

Edgy urban boho leather wrap necklace - modern hippy chic boho jewellery

A hippy favourite, the leather wrap boho necklace, is elevated to a new level with classy Swarovski crystal pendant and minimalist sterling silver discs and embellishments. A perfect urban piece to complement a leather jacket or a low cut sleek black neckline.

Boho necklace with urban chic - black bone crescent on black leather choker

Whoever thought of boho jewellery as perfect office wear. Time for a rethink! This traditionally crafted bone moon crescent crowning this boho necklace is handmade in Bali, and is a staple element of boho jewellery, but coupled here with gleaming sterling silver fittings and a simple black choker it is a sleek, chic urban piece that is subtle enough to wear to work, but unique enough to draw a second glance.

Check out the new hippie chic pieces at Her Lovely Bones jewellery - you'll be amazed at the latest boho jewellery makeover, and how far it's come from its festival beginnings.