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Wild, wild west! Here's the boho tribal jewellery trending now


Western and tribal jewellery is the must-have look this season

Are you a white hat cow-gal or a black hat wild-cat? Everyone is suddenly going western, and the time to choose is your new look is now. 

Ever fancied yourself a character from Westworld, the television hit that put the focus straight onto wild girls in cowboy boots riding horses in their tight jeans and fringed suede jackets?

Or are you more of a mystical tribal girl wearing feathers and flowing dresses, harking back to native American Southwestern tribal boho trend?

The Native American lifestyle and philosophy is a major inspiration behind today's boho tribal jewellery. Look for large statement tribal earrings and layers of ornate necklaces, typically turquoise and silver. Must-have boho jewellery such as stacked bracelets are also a feature of this boho jewellery style. (Photo:

Express your wild woman side with tribal jewellery

C'mon, admit it! There's an irresistible allure in the utter freedom of riding into a prairie sunset or meditating in a tee-pee, especially for those of us stuck in the city. Maybe that's why the western and tribal boho jewellery has become to popular. It makes sense. As technology shrinks the world, wild places are lost, and we are becoming increasingly urbanised. We may not be able to live the life, but we can certainly dress it!

Express your wild woman with boho tribal jewellery

In an increasingly urbanised world, women are finding ways of expressing their 'wild woman' side. Probably one reason why boho western and tribal jewellery is currently so popular. (Photo: Pinterest) 

Western and tribal jewellery and outfits hit the mainstream

There are two main styles in the latest revival of the Southwestern western and tribal boho jewellery trend, but they have elements in common (for example, cowboy boots). And there has been a merging of the two styles in the interchangeability of certain styles of boho jewellery worn with the two looks. Both looks evoke the Southwestern lifestyle, although tribal boho jewellery leans towards hippie chic, and the cowgirl look definitely has elements of the rodeo - think 'ready to leap on a horse' garments and accessories and you can't go wrong!

When it comes to nailing the right gear, fringe, leather and worn denim are key elements in both versions of the western trend, with the cowboy boot working brilliantly with both looks.

'I wanna be a cowgirl" rodeo style - essential outfits and boho jewellery

Western boho tribal style is this season's must have look

Three ways of absolutely killing the Western boho trend. A cowboy buckle belt on horse-friendly jeans, an obligatory slouch hat and boho western jewellery designed for versatility. Cowgirl boho jewellery is much less ornate than that featured in the tribal style. Think more lariats and long boho pendant styles rather than feathers, flowers and shells. (Photo: left and middle -; right - Pinterest)

Western cowgirl boho jewellery is simpler in style than tribal jewellery, and has a definite rodeo feel. Pendant style boho jewellery (think a modern take on cowgirl lariats) rather than elaborate silver and turquoise statement necklace are teamed with pared down garment choices - jeans, for example, rather than layers of embroidered fabric. 

The three western boho jewellery looks below are great inspo for really nailing this jewellery trend.

Boho western jewellery cowgirl trend at Her Lovely Bones jewellery

You don't need a pony to wear this city-friendly western style boho jewellery. Turquoise and silver provide an essential western flavour in these artisan tribal earrings, tiered bracelet, and a classic sterling silver femur bone necklace that goes with every outfit in your wardrobe. (Artisan silver and Sleeping Beauty turquoise flowerbud earrings; artisan handcrafted leg bone pendant; blue agate tiered bracelet.)

Boho western tribal statement necklace from Her Lovely Bones Jewellery

The boho western statement necklace is much edgier than the tribal version. Instead of feathers, the piece above features the gorgeous Swarovski Wolfs Tooth and baby Swarovski skulls. (One-off handmade fierce statement necklace The Prairie Princess; canvas and leather rodeo bracelet.)

Boho western tribal necklace - a cowgirl statement necklace from Her Lovely Bones jewellery

Think 'stacks of black' when putting together the western boho jewellery look. Add edgy elements such as skulls and contemporary elements such as Swarovski crystal. Think fierce jewellery! (One-off handmade statement necklace in black and ivory; leather wrap bracelet; Swarovski skull and bone spike earring)

"Buffalo-girl free spirit" tribal style 

The words tribal boho jewellery immediately conjure up images of gorgeous feathers and organic elements such as bone, shells and leather.  Turquoise is a must-have element in tribal jewellery. Rough chunks of crystal replace the sleek Swarovski used in the cowgirl boho statement necklaces. Silver and pewter components have a distinctly native-crafted look.

Check out the pics below for two versions of the 2018 take on tribal jewellery. 

Western boho tribal statement necklace - the Buffalo Girl collection from her Lovely Bones Jewellery

The full-on boho tribal look is a perfect way to add festival cool to a white peasant blouse. Go for it with an extravagance of tribal jewellery - boho bracelets, buffalo bone earrings and a statement boho necklace. The Buffalo Girl Wild Rider boho tribal necklace features gorgeous turquoise and a stunning huge rock crystal. Tribal bracelets (turquoise wrap at left and leather at right) adorn both wrists and earthy buffalo and turquoise earrings complete the look.

Western boho tribal necklace - the Buffalo Girl collection from Her Lovely Bones jewellery

A more subdued use of tribal jewellery lets the Buffalo Girl Spirit Dancer necklace take centre stage. A delicate turquoise bracelet on one wrist and a dramatic stacked bracelet on the other, essential pieces in your boho jewellery collection, are the only other accessories you need. 

Put together a perfect western tribal jewellery look with these...

Boho tribal necklaces 

Boho tribal necklaces and pendants

From left, quartz crystal pendant on turquoise necklace; solid silver long-horn steer pendant on braided aqua leather; azure feather on tribal woven choker; bone spike pendant on ivory leather; tribal sun medallion on necklace of turquoise rondelles.

Boho tribal earrings 

Boho tribal earrings

From left, buffalo bone and Hill Tribe crafted disc tribal earrings; turquoise and etched silver tribal earrings; bone and turquoise drop tribal earrings; bone spike and silver/turquoise cabochon boho earrings.

Boho tribal bracelets

Boho tribal bracelets

 From left, turquoise and leather wrap tribal bracelet; 'barbed wire' tan leather and turquoise nugget tribal bracelet; knotted leather, turquoise and coin tribal bracelet; turquoise nugget and pewter tribal bracelet.

Interested in exploring the many variations of the western and tribal style? Check out the unique range of custom boho jewellery designs at Her Lovely Bones jewellery, and you might be inspired to saddle up and join the Buffalo Girl tribe! 

Feature photo: Bohemian Archives, Oracle Fox