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Five must-have boho chic jewellery trends for 2018

Boho chic jewellery 2018 is all about the city

Once upon a time boho jewellery was all about prairies, ponies and ponchos. It conjured up images of hippy communes and music festivals, endless fields of wild flowers, and yes, quite often a camel. Gorgeous gauzy masses of floating fabrics and marvellous bohemian eccentricities - nostalgic, and beautifully free-spirited.  

How we loved boho jewellery - and still do! But dammit, traditional boho jewellery just didn't seem to work quite so well once we abandoned the rainbow-painted combi van and ventured into the city. 

And gradually, of course, the inevitable happened. Designers started to play with and tweak boho jewellery to adapt to current fashion (it's the sort of thing designers are genetically programmed to do), and a new creature slowly emerged from the boho jewellery chrysalis.

It smelt like boho chic spirit to me; it even looked like an upmarket version of boho jewellery. Oh, happiness! Was it suddenly possible to wear my absolute style fave - the bohemian look - into previously no-go fashion zones? And yes, the spirit of boho was still alive and well in this new Bohemian jewellery evolution. It was still rebellious, unique and individual. Still provocative and always earning a second glance. Still anti-conventional and the fave look of the wild-child, the It-Girl and the bohemian.

But the new boho chic jewellery and outfits were distinctly different from traditional ideas of boho. Streamlined and urbanised. Relevant to contemporary lifestyles, and reflecting the trend towards minimalism, artisan craftsmanship and urban sleekness. You could imagine wearing it to your classiest city haunt without getting tossed out the door or being patted down for carrying illegal substances. It wasn't respectable or conventional - never that! A little too wild, a little to much 'in-your-face' provocative - a thumbing of the nose at conventional and timid jewellery choices. 'Stand out girl' was its mantra.

The new Boho chic jewellery worked beautifully with virtually all the current outfit trends. Jeans and leather jackets - check! Faux leopard pattern coats and combat boots - check! T-shirts and leggings - check! Minis and thigh-high boots - check!  Classy designer luxe fashion as in our feature pic of a fringed Chanel jacket - check!

And joy of joys, boho chic had spread its wings to encompass bohemian outfits featuring an eclectic mix of suede, vintage lace, chiffon and diamontes...Don't believe me? Just cast a eye at the drool-worthy masterpiece of the the new Bohemian look below...

The eclectic new Bohemian look - the must-have style trend for 2018

Photo: Harpers Bazaar US Spring 2018. 

Get inspired by the boho chic looks featured below and the must-have new boho jewellery to wear them with

The new Bohemian had arrived, and it was this new interpretation of boho jewellery which dominated the catwalks in 2018. This was boho chic jewellery for the urban lifestyle, and it was stunningly beautiful. For inspo we've posted a bunch of 2018 boho chic outfits and boho jewellery, and what is most striking is just how versatile and urban-friendly boho jewellery and the new boho chic fashion has become.

 Five boho jewellery trends that take you way ahead of the pack

1. Boho chic statement earrings for the urban bohemian

Trending 2018 boho chic earrings are just awesome. The earrings below are limited-edition artisan earrings, lovingly crafted unique works of jewellery art. They feature sterling silver/copper and rare Arizona turquoise, traditional elements of boho. But wow, the style was undergone a radical transformation. Gone are the excessive layers of brass dangles and the overwhelming chandelier effect, a mainstay of traditional boho jewellery. The new boho chic earring could almost be called minimalist, except for the overwhelming wow factor of these unique designs. 

Boho chic statement earrings trending in 2018

Limited edition artisan crafted urban boho chic earrings capture the jewellery trending on the catwalks today. 2018 is the year of the statement earring, and these gorgeous pieces certainly fit the bill. See the full collection of the artisan precious metal heritage collection of trending boho earrings here.

 2. Boho chic urban statement pendants circa 2018

Take the common boho jewellery pendant necklace and compare it to its new boho chic counterpart below. Go for the high impact piece! Instead of the ubiquitous gold medallion on a fine chain that is now so commonplace it has become virtually invisible, the chain on the boho jewellery pieces below suspends a beautifully faceted Swarovski slab of glorious crystal. Choose from the stunning Swarovski Hanging Rock pendant or the Swarovski Wolfs Tooth. Hang either around your neck and watch eyes swivel in your direction. 

Consider replacing a multitude of plain chains with a statement pendant like the silver tusk pictured below. Hanging from a decorative dark sterling satellite chain, you really don't want to diffuse the impact with other necklaces. Think single quality statement pieces, which are the trending boho chic look this year. The word 'statement piece' is the buzz word on every designers lips. With statement boho necklaces like these you don't need to add more than simple boho chic earrings, or a single bracelet. Let your statement piece do the talking - don't overwhelm it with excessive boho jewellery.

2018 boho chic pendants and boho jewellery for the city girl

The trending boho chic necklace is the statement pendant. One stunning piece to replace a excess of necklaces is a style we're seeing dominate the catwalk. Pictured above is the Swarovski Hanging Rock pendant in jet and the provocative Tusk pendant. The artisan Lovely Legs pendant is shown at far right (top), and the Swarovski Wolfs Tooth in red magma is at far right (bottom). (Photo far left:; photo farthest right Pinterest)

3. Boho chic urban bracelets to dazzle 'em in the city

Masses of bracelets from wrist to upper arm is a favourite look of the traditional boho jewellery look. The trending boho chic jewellery style incorporates bracelets into its repertoire of accessories, but again the number of bracelets have been reduced to feature one or two truly stunning statement pieces. The boho chic bracelets pictured below are best worn alone - because why diffuse their impact with unnecessary additions? A good principle to remember to capture the new look boho jewellery is to go for the standout single piece, rather than a mass of lesser pieces. The new boho jewellery is all about quality over quantity.

2018 trending boho chic urban bracelets for the city girl

Beautiful statement boho chic bracelets feature precious gems and silver. Far left, the tiered blue agate bracelet, centre top, green Malay jade and silver boho bracelet, centre bottom, supersize turquoise chunks and silver boho bracelet, far right, ruby Malay jade and silver boho bracelet.

4. Boho chic 2018 trending wrap necklaces with matching urban boho earrings

Leather jackets, ankle boots and luxe coats are a standout feature of the new boho chic, and nothing suits these garments better than leather wrap boho necklaces. Once again, look for quality statement boho jewellery that stands alone - and don't clutter it up with a lot of cheaper add-ons. Less is more in trending boho chic jewellery. With a gorgeous leather wrap necklace featuring embellished ends or choker pendants, nothing more is needed than a simple pair of simply styled boho earrings. Keep the shapes streamlined and clean. See the examples below for a great take on this must-have 2018 boho look.

2018 trending Boho chic necklaces sexy in black and leather

Whoever would have thought that boho jewellery would make such a perfect partnership with a rock chic leather jacket, black jeans and edgy black ankle boots. The perfect boho chic wrap necklace with medallion ends and a dazzling Swarovski centrepiece shown at far right can be found here. Clean-lined earrings finish the look beautifully. Try the black ox-bone crescent earrings (centre top) and the jet Swarovski skull with bone talon earring (centre). (Photo far left and centre bottom:

5. Boho chic jewellery elements and style 

 When it comes to the new boho chic repertoire of looks the sky's the limit! The trending style embraces everything from luxe designs and fabrics, to boho rock-chic combos of shredded shorts and singlets. Throw on a checked shirt or a designer wool cardigan - there's a boho chic jewellery statement piece that will complement your outfit perfectly. The tricks to achieving the look perfectly is to remember to strip down the numerous accessories associated with traditional boho and stick to fewer statement pieces, but keep the traditional components of boho always ensuring the pieces are unique and unconventional. After all, that's what makes you a bohemian - and a on-trend fashionista!

For more inspiration on how to nail the trending boho chic jewellery look check out the pieces at Her Lovely Bones jewellery.

Boho chic 2018 - city ready and versatile enough to wear anywhere

The many faces of the new boho jewellery. From left, the silk camisole and shirt maxi skirt (photo: ), the wrap cardigan and jeggings (photo:, denim shorts and kimino (photo:, and far right, black singlet and jeans with checked shirt (photo:

Feature photograph: Chanel by Carine Roitfeld, photograph by Amy Troost (Harpers Bazaar July 2018)