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The latest Boho revival - cowboy boots rule!

Boho boots are made for ... walking, dancing, trekking, biking, prancing, and just looking bad-ass gorgeous

"You see them here, you see them there, they're stalking catwalks everywhere…” 

Okay, so we're doing a song and dance here at Her Lovely Bones, but we're not the only ones. Boho lovers and fashionistas worldwide are rejoicing at a long-awaited fashion revival. Anyone following the major fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan couldn't help but notice a huge trend hitting the catwalks. Boho is back with a vengeance.

Yep. A major fashion revolution is taking place and at the Boneyard we can now leap for joy without breaking our ankles. It’s happened! A boho essential -  cowboy boots - has replaced the nail-gun stiletto as the 'now look' of 2018, dominating the catwalks and taking over fashionista gatherings.

Boho cowboy boots take over the streets

Is there anything more girl-power stylish and just blissfully wearable than a well-worn cowboy boot? Not that we don’t love our stilettos…but frankly, our toes are twitching with gratitude. The new boho boot is available in every style and colour you can imagine - gorgeous good looks and comfort wrapped up in one delicious package. Oh, what bliss to be wearing the height of high fashion in a shoe which can take you trekking across a desert or dancing at an outback festival to drinking cocktails at a red carpet high-glam party.

Boho transformed - we call it metro boho

Boho boots backstage at 2018 fashion shows

Credit: Bazaar, Imaxtree

From humble beginnings as festival and western wear, the boho boot is now the footwear of choice for international designers. And they've come a look way from John Wayne's trusty and dusty boot.

Remember when Sienna Miller set the fashion world afire with her boho jewellery and cowboy boots? Well kids…they’re back, and boho is taking centre stage again.

This is Americana cool in all shapes and colours of the rainbow. So versatile they can be worn with pants or dresses and everything in-between. Like metro boho jewellery, the boho boot revival has transformed traditional boho so it works equally well for a sophisticated chic look to biker bad-girl. It's the new metro boho philosophy of versatility - a look for 'every girl, everyday, everywhere' applied to your footwear.

The new metro Boho - for every girl, everyday, everywhere

And when we said versatile, we weren't kidding. The thigh-high boho boot - check! H&M showcased a crotch high cowboy boot in 2016, but in 2018 few collections were without a new version of this transformed favourite.

The rainbow boot - check! Fendi delivered the boho boot in brilliant blues and yellow in their 2018 autumn/winter collection. The sequined boho boot - check! (And thank you oh so very much Dolce & Gabbana, we knew we could rely on you for the ultimate evening wear boot). Prefer silver stars on your boots? Check! Emporio Armani teamed their version with sophisticated wrap dresses.

Spotted on Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez just to name a few, our fave footwear is taking over as the must have shoe of 2018, and it teams oh so perfectly with Her Lovely Bones jewellery that we're drooling over our favourite finds and planning how to team them with our metro boho jewellery pieces. Versions of the boho boot can be found at Zara, Topshop, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Ganni, Sonora ... phew! And the list goes on. Boho boots are everywhere, and if you can't find a pair to suit pretty much every outfit, you just haven't looked hard enough. 

Boho cowboy boots are just so spunky gorgeous with demure white dresses

Credit: Topshop

This time round the boho boot is being coupled with absolutely everything from flowy and flowery wrap dresses and demure workwear midis to our old favourite the ragged western jean. Versatility is the key to what we call metro boho, or the new Bohemian. This is a new boho that goes with everything - a fashion mantra that has always been the inspiration between Her Lovely Bones metro boho jewellery.

A perfect partnership with metro boho jewellery

We love to see our jewellery worn in unexpected combinations - formal, feminine and flirty dresses suit metro boho just as much as the more traditional boho ‘western’ styled jeans or tribal hippie chic. Pair our metro boho Swarovski skull with a sexy leather ‘glad wrap' dress and Matrix sunglasses and you’ll be channelling the latest fashion look on Paris catwalks. Wrap the artisan boho 'The Tear' leather and turquoise necklace around your throat with a flowing white dress and turn something simply pretty into a stunning fashion statement.

Be adventurous with Her Lovely Bones metro boho jewellery - like the boho cowboy boot, you’ll find that it adds that special ‘fashion-girl’ pop of originality to any outfit. Not to mention that metro boho jewellery and cowboy boots is a marriage made in heaven, whatever clothes you team them with. 

So all hail the return of the boho cowboy boot! It’s another sign that boho is a look that may transform over the years, but will always be a fashion favourite.

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Model wearing Her Lovely Bones boho jewellery with cowboy boots