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Metro Boho jewellery is the new black

The eternal search for the NEW black

Here's the thing about black. It's cool, it's classy, and you just can't go wrong with it. Everyone looks good in it. Everyone wants it. Most particularly - everyone wants the NEW black. So the trick is discovering the new black before it becomes the old black, and sadly all of a sudden you're looking very last season :(

Well look no further. We've discovered the new black when it comes to jewellery, and it's called metro boho - the new Bohemian. It's new, and you may not have heard the name - yet! But there are hints of this game-changing new trend on all the major catwalks and in the collections of the world's greatest designers. An old favourite - boho - has been revived, transformed, updated and is about to hit the fashion world in a major way. 

Boho cowboy boots have featured in nearly every major 2018 collection, modernised and now versatile enough to wear with every possible outfit in your wardrobe. The cowboy boot is the 'new black' in footwear, and if you have doubts check out the latest pics of fashionistas and influencers from Victoria Beckham to Kate Moss.

Boho - you've come a long way baby

Metro boho Swarovski skull necklace and earrings

Now the same transformation is happening to jewellery. After all, you need the 'new black' boho jewellery to team beautifully with your new cowboy boots. Like the boots, boho revival jewellery - the new Bohemian or metro boho - honours the spirit of its origins but is completely fresh, completely new. 

Metro boho jewellery takes elements of traditional boho - the earthiness, the wild gypsy spirit, the connection with nature, beautiful rustic elements such as bones, leather and unpolished gemstones - and uses them in a way that is distinctly urban, and in many cases, office-wear minimal.

The new Bohemian combines bones and stones with elements never previously used in traditional tribal or boho jewellery - velvet, copper, Swarovski crystal, globes of pure silver, and the unique work of metal smiths and artisans from all around the world. 

At Her Lovely Bones we commission artisans to create unique silver and metal work designs which we combine with earthy boho elements, producing versatile pieces which echo their heritage, but are distinctly modern. 

Metro boho Silver and Stone artisan tribal turquoise earrings

Metro boho - from festival to office 

The key advantage of the new bohemian jewellery is its incredible versatility - the pieces are designed to complement a flowing white wrap dress as beautifully as a tank and your favourite jeans. You can wear it with work suits and feel completely at home at the office. Be prepared for second glances though - this jewellery is very different from the typical modest gold chain you might ordinarily wear. 

Dare to be 'new'! Perhaps it's time to retire the timid little chain and embrace your inner uniqueness. Do you have the heart of a gypsy? The urban gypsy wrap necklace is definitely your style. Do you yearn to travel to exotic deserts and pristine tropical beaches? Or are you hiding the creativity of an artist? Time to nurture the artist within, and embrace the Byzantine curves of The Tear necklace

Let your jewellery express your individuality as much as your clothes. Is it time to embrace the 'new black' and stand out from the crowd? Check out metro boho - perhaps you'll find the perfect piece that shouts "That's me!"

Biker chick, bohemian, lover of organic bone jewellery, gypsy, office girl, fashionista, goth girl, nature lover or just looking for something new and different. We hope you discover a new aspect of your true self here....