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Huge jewellery trend confirmed - ‘Go big or go home’ says Vogue

Time to make a statement - with your jewellery!

There was one word on everybody’s lips after last month's designer fashion shows - and the word was BIG. Big jewellery, to be precise. Vogue magazine made this definitive comment:

“As with accessories, the trend in Fall jewellery is of the go big or go home variety.”*

And when Vogue pronounces, everybody sits up, checks out Instagram (cringes: “Omg, how did I get to look SO last season), rushes to their online store of choice, and buys BIG.

Big jewellery is BIG NEWS at the 2018 fashion shows

Big statement jewellery is the dominant trend on 2018 catwalks

Vogue made particular mention of the popularity of big silver pieces, and called the choker ‘an excellent way to draw attention to the face….The blingy versions shown at Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent were big on drama. While the silver tubes sported at Marni and Alexander McQueen were minimalistic.”* 

Yay! We adore the choker at Her Lovely Bones. It does do amazing things for the lines of your neck and collarbone, and the shape of your face. In a word - it’s insanely flattering. You never knew? Wrap a choker (like the one in the pic below) around around your neck and watch what it does to your shape of your face and collarbones :)

Leather wrap choker with Wolf Tooth Swarovski earring

"Go Your Own Way Earrings” Vogue calls the must-have look 

Okay, here at the Boneyard, when Vogue magazine speaks, we listen! Not that we haven’t been proclaiming the joys and virtues of big, standout jewellery from the beginning, but with Vogue singing the same song we are over the moon that the world’s most influential fashion bible is confirming our long-held fashion beliefs. Get out there girl, and make your mark on the world!

The metro boho earrings at Her Lovely Bones are nothing if not ‘go your own way’ fashion statement pieces. We’re not talking big in size necessarily, but big in impact. You’re making a call - you’re standing out from the crowd. You’re saying- “Hey world, here I am. And I am unique.” In a way you’re revealing another side of yourself. Your style, after all, speaks volumes about the sort of person you are - or perhaps just the person you are at that particular moment. Strike a pose. Express an untapped aspect of yourself. Who says you can't be a cowgirl or gypsy one day, and an oh so cool minimalist fashionista the next! Everyone is unique and made up of many moods, whether they choose to hide that uniqueness or not. At Her Lovely Bones there is a metro boho piece for every mood and character.

Swarovski skull and turquoise spiral earring

Big jewellery is beautiful again…

When we say ‘big’ jewellery, we’re not talking about size. Big jewellery means standout jewellery, unique pieces, jewellery that isn’t so invisible you may as well not bother wearing it.

In contrast to the timid, prom-girl jewellery that has been popular for years, big jewellery always draws a second glance, a ‘where did she get THAT’ raised eye-brow. It has character, and it adds a new dimension to your personality, a new vibe or energy. Because big jewellery has its own personality too - and that’s particularly true of ‘statement’ or 'designer' pieces. You are making a statement about yourself and your style. So don’t be shy - wave your own banner. Maybe it's time for you to stop hiding wonderful and unique aspects of your own personal style and expressing them with your jewellery as well as your clothes. C'mon, let's see the real you! Do you have a gypsy soul, the creativity of a bohemian, the sass of an It Girl, the secret yearning to draw attention (hey, don't we all, deep down, want to be seen as unique and special).

Metro boho is a great example of statement jewellery as it is artisan work produced in very small numbers - sometimes only a single piece! - so you can be sure that you'll truly stand out from the crowd. Hey, you'll be in the same class as those fashionista It Girls without paying a fortune! Clever you ;) Some of our exclusive pieces are true show-stoppers and not for the faint-hearted. But if you dare - be the fashionista It Girl at your next outing!

Many of our metro boho pieces are far more minimalist, but still unique, and yeah, okay, we may be biased but we think they're pretty special :) For example, stand out in these burnished copper talons pictured below. They're streamlined and minimal, yet different enough to draw a lot of second glances. 

Artisan made copper talon earring with Arizona turquoise

Metro boho jewellery takes centre stage

Bold and unique, metro boho jewellery is a perfect example of how big jewellery isn’t so much big in size, just big in impact.

And once you start wearing metro boho jewellery, you'll find it can become a bit of an addiction. The pieces are so versatile, the boho aspects so varied, you're sure to find a piece to suit every aspect of your personality. Don't be deterred by the thought of 'big' jewellery as too out-there to suit your style. It comes in all shapes and sizes, many of them elegantly minimalist, simple and clean-lined. For example the bone crescent pieces (both earrings and necklaces) are distinctly city chic and add that special fillip to your work gear. Ramp up your office suit a notch or two with these urban interpretations of boho chic. 

With Vogue taking a stand on 'big jewellery', does this mean we’ll be seeing more boho statement jewellery in the local outlets? We are pretty sure this is the beginning of a true 'big' boho revival. The fashionistas and It Girls are already wearing this new trend. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to follow.

See our full Metro Boho jewellery range.

(*Many thanks to Laird Borrell-Persson writing for Vogue Magazine March 23 2018 for quotes used in this blog post.)