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Get stacked! Up to your armpits in stunning boho bracelets

The stacked boho bracelet - a fashion fave for centuries!

Stacked bracelets - the world's most lasting fashion statement?

So you thought the boho bracelet obsession started with the Olson twins a decade ago? Or maybe it was those hippies in the 1960s and their tie-dyed hemp boho bracelets… Nope. Believe it or not you’re quite a few thousand years off...

Gals have been adorning their arms with boho bracelets from armpit to wrist for about … two thousand years. Yep. Talk about a perennial fashion trend that’s proved its staying power. 

And there’s a great reason for it. Bejewelled arms just look stunning - the ancient Egyptians knew it way before the Olson girls bought stacked boho bracelets to the fashion forefront. So did the great Maharajas of India and the leading ladies of Afghan tribes, the Celtic princess of Britannia and the gypsy dancers of wandering Romany tribes.

Stunning Afghan stacked boho bracelets in silver

Stunning Afghan stacked boho bracelets in silver (photo courtesy of Deepaha @deeeba)

The ancient Indian traditions of Rajasthan pinpoint the eternal attraction of beautiful bejewelled arms. They believed that every part of the female body should be adored and adorned. Jewellery was seen as a prayer and a protection - as well as a celebration of the beauty of the female form. Look at the origin of your favourite boho bracelet, and you might find a hint of ancient Indian jewellery.

An Armenian woman wearing gypsy-style tribal stacked bracelets

This Armenian woman is wearing tribal stacked bracelets often associated with Romany or gypsy jewellery. Even in ancient times, fashion was important and a great jewellery trend managed to find itself adopted and adapted by many cultures. (Courtesy: Pinterest)

Ancient cultures celebrated the female form with lush displays of tribal jewellery - and we just love it! 

Well, that is definitely a philosophy we totally agree with! Jewellery as ‘sacred’ and protective is a wonderful concept. A statement of the adoration of female beauty. And what girl wouldn’t say “Yay!” to that! 

Dancer's secret - arms adorned with bracelets are seductive!

Dancers - Indian and Balinese, belly, Flamenco and gypsy, are all in on the secret. There's nothing sexier than a bejewelled arm, glitter and flash every time you move. The rest of us are a little behind when it comes to stacked bracelets. All of us automatically reach for our earrings and necklaces, but those in the know pile on the arm bling. 

These days not all dancers can afford kilos of silver! But the contemporary version of the traditional boho bracelet does the same job beautifully.

Jewellery worn by the Kalbeliya Gypsy dancers of Rajasthan.

Boho bracelets to die for! Stunning tribal jewellery worn by the Kalbeliya Gypsy dancers of Rajasthan. (Thanks to Colleena Shakti for this fabulous pic) 

One of the great aspects of boho jewellery is that it shares a similar philosophy - every part of the female anatomy is catered for! From a feathered headdress to twine through your hair, to anklets, necklaces, chokers, earrings to fabulous stacked boho bracelets. 

Cover me Boho! Her Lovely Bones boho jewellery from head to toe

Cover me with boho bracelets! Boho jewellery from head to toe is a style that never looks overdone. Stack it on, gorgeous girl!

Look at the history of jewellery and you’ll find the boho-style stacked bracelet in almost every ancient culture. Beautiful examples exist in most parts of the world -some of the most stunning bracelets are the Afghan and of course Native American stacked bracelets in silver and turquoise. 

The style is what we now call tribal, ethnic or boho jewellery. And modern boho jewellery is an inheritor of this extravagant, raw and eye-catching look. 

The Native American impact on modern boho jewellery

The tribal jewellery style which had the most influence on what we now call boho jewellery, and associate with festivals, Sienna Miller and the recent boho fashion revival, was most likely that worn by Native Americans. 

The Pawn American Indian tribal stacked bracelet in turquoise and silver

The Pawn American Indian tribal stacked bracelet in turquoise and silver is the forerunner of the contemporary boho bracelet (Courtesy: Pinterest)

Native American tribal jewellery provides the defining elements in modern day boho bracelets. Turquoise and silver dominate - but these tribal boho bracelets also contain elements from nature. Bones, feathers, twined leather, shells, carved wood and local gemstones. Her Lovely Bones stacked bracelets incorporate all of those components in their tribal boho bracelets, but the boho bracelet has been popular on catwalks and the pages of fashion magazine for years. Boho stacked bracelets is a fashion trend that returns again and again and you’ll find it popular in every decade - I guess that makes boho a true classic!

The boho bracelet gets a city-girl makeover

While the typical tribal or ethnic stacked boho bracelet remains a perennial favourite, an evolution has occurred and we’re finding more ‘urban’ interpretations of the usual boho bracelet. It-girls, fashionistas and celebrities have recognised that boho bracelets can be adapted to suit any look or occasion. Components have been added to give the stacked bracelet a more urban-focussed look - check out Kate Bosworth's interpretation of the stacked bracelet below.

Kate Bosworth adds her own special pieces to her gorgeous bracelet stack.

Kate Bosworth adds her own special pieces to her gorgeous stacked bracelet. (Photo courtesy

Adding your personal touch to stacked bracelets

As with all jewellery, if the stacked boho bracelet doesn’t express the real you, it just ain't for you. Here’s where the stack is perfect for bringing in personal touches that marks it as your very own creation. Add your favourite charm bracelet, your zodiac sign, a bright touch of gold or brass. There are no rules when it comes to constructing your boho stack.

Her Lovely Bones boho bracelets are designed both to be worn as is, but are flexible enough for you to add your own personal favourites pieces. Jazz them up with a pile of pencil thin brass bangles, a metal chain with your initial, your favourite heritage piece - really, the sky’s the limit. Assess your outfit and the look you’re aiming for, then pile on your personal favourites. Your arms, so often forgotten and timidly naked of jewellery, will never have looked so gorgeous!

Use your bracelet stack to capture your true style 

From hand-beaten silver and raw turquoise nuggets boho bracelets…to diamonds??? Yes, really! When it comes to stacked bracelets, diamonds really can be a girl's best friend! 

Angelina Jolie takes the stacked bracelet to the max with white gold and diamonds.

Go Angelina! Hear her roar! Angelina Jolie takes the stacked bracelet to the max with white gold and diamonds, totally expressing her identity as queen of the celebrity jungle. (Photo courtesy

This ultimate bracelet stack totally defines Angelina Jolie. Didn’t we say, the sky’s the limit! So if you’ve got the finances, toss in the diamonds. But you don't need a huge budget to kill it when it comes to stacked bracelets. The look can be simply achieved with leather, beads, crystal chips and whatever you have to hand.  The boho bracelet is totally flexible, and that's what makes it such a fabulous addition to your jewellery collection.  If it expresses the real you, just go wild and just go for it. Let your imagination take over, and get stacking!