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Festival jewellery faves - boho takes to the streets

Boho festival jewellery conquers the fashion world

If you ever thought boho festival jewellery was only for Coachella, the Byron Bay International Fashion Festival, or other music and lifestyle events, look again. Boho jewellery, once relegated to 'festival jewellery' section of your wardrobe, has taken to the streets, featuring on catwalks and in the collections of major fashion houses as must-have 'wear anywhere' jewellery. 

Kate Moss distinctive boho jewellery style is perfection from festival to city

Kate Moss's lush boho jewellery selection is a perfect example of festival jewellery that works just as well as urban wear (Photo: Lifestyle News Today.)

It's official! Once the favourite of festival girls and bohemians, boho festival jewellery has become mainstream. The latest style of festival jewellery you'd wear to your local music event looks just as great with your t-shirt and jeans, your flowing white wrap-dress, and even your LBD. 

The key to its success is that boho jewellery is incredibly versatile. It embraces everything from gypsy styles, ethnic pieces, tribal jewellery and unique artisan jewellery. It can be lush or it can be minimalist. It can be casual and it can be formal. Still ruling the festivals, boho jewellery is definitely taking over the streets.

Gigi Hadid and friends showing off their festival look at Coachella 

Gigi Hadid and friends at Coachella. Festival wear or street wear - is there really any difference? (Photo: Daily Mail Australia)

Look at a list of your favourite outlets and you'll find 'Festival jewellery and clothing' as the current must-have look. The exclusive outlet Revolve just announced "Festival's Greatest Hits', Urban Outfitters promoted 'This is how we do 70s boho', and 'Boho chic style from See by Chloe' is heavily publicisied by Yoox. And the list goes on...

But the festival is the undisputed home where boho jewellery has flourished for the last few decades. Creative and alternative festival jewellery of all styles dominate. Every boho jewellery look from gypsy to ethnic can be found at a festival - and some variations you've never even thought of.

Showcasing our festival jewellery faves

The Buffalo Girl collection - tribal boho festival jewellery

With obvious roots in Southwestern and Native American jewellery, these one-off boho necklaces celebrate the spirit of freedom and the beauty of organic, earthy elements. This is boho festival jewellery at its most mystical and evocative. The pieces combine elements of earth (turquoise, crystals, bone and leather), metal (silver and pewter), and sky (feathers). 

Buffalo Girl Spirit Dreamer boho necklace for festival and street wear

 Buffalo Girl Spirit Dreamer boho necklace for festival and street wear

 Prairie Princess - the one-off show-stopper boho necklace

Be prepared for the 'OMG what is she wearing' factor when you put on the Prairie Princess necklace. Not just a gorgeous piece of festival jewellery, this is a standout piece in any setting, a boho necklace which will draw second glances wherever you wear it. And your options are endless - this is not a one-look only creation. It looks fabulous with jeans and t-shirt, but works its magic with a leather jacket, white shirt or slinky, figure-hugging dress. 

Prairie Princess, a one-off boho festival and street-wear necklace

The one-off Prairie Princess necklace, a handmade boho standout piece, will wow your admirers at festivals or wherever you choose to wear it.

Boho Bazaar - our fave budget buys for festivals and street wear

These fab little festival jewellery buys make great add-ons or standalone pieces when you don't want to spend big on your festival finery. We've included a selection of budget bracelets in the pic below as they are just so versatile! You might buy them for a festival, but you'll find yourself wearing them with everything.

Boho festival budget bracelets

Versatile boho bracelets to add to your festival finery or wear with your favourite casual gear.

Feature photo: copyright Getty Images