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Skull it! Swarovski's urban boho skull jewellery

Swarovski skull jewellery is the new must-have piece in your collection

I guess you know you’ve hit the big time when the world's premier jewellery brand decides you're worthy of a place in it’s exclusive collection of prestige jewellery.

Workshop where exquisite jewellery such as the Swarovski skull is designed

The Swarovski workshop where designers, artists and jewellers create masterpieces such as the Swarovski skull.

With the creation of its exquisite skull jewellery, Swarovski has given the royal nod to an urban boho staple, the skull, and welcomed it to the ranks of must-have, classic jewellery.

Skulls have featured in tribal, bohemian and ethnic boho jewellery for centuries. A statement of individuality, of defiance, of rebellion against conformity, the skull has now officially joined the ranks of 'classic' jewellery for every woman and for every occasion.

Traditional boho skull jewellery has often featured the skulls of steers, buffalo and deer, particularly in tribal or Native American boho styles. Originally carved from bone and ivory, this style is now typically available in silver, as in the skull earrings below.

Sterling silver boho steer skull earrings

Sterling silver steer skull earrings - this boho favourite will never go out of fashion.

Gold and crystal encrusted Swarovski skull

Stunning gold and crystal-encrusted Swarovski deer skull. (Apartment Therapy Market Place)

Lovers of urban boho rejoice! Although we’ve adorned ourselves with skull jewellery for years, the exquisite beauty and detailing of the Swarovski skull is in another class altogether. Dainty yet edgy, gritty yet beautiful, the skull is just the addition we’ve been waiting for to complete our urban boho jewellery collection.

The choker has always been an boho favourite, but the addition of the baby-size Swarovski skull gives it a versatility and urban edge that works as perfectly with jeans, a singlet top and leather jacket or your favourite LBD.

Urban boho Swarovski skull choker - the wear with everything piece

The super versatile skull and choker combination - perfect for any outfit in your wardrobe.

For a more dramatic version of the Swarovski skull necklace, check out the stunning boho showpiece below.

Swarovski skull earrings and boho necklace with black Swarovski skulls

Black Swarovski skulls feature in this boho necklace adding a urban element to traditional bones and leather. The black Swarovski skull earrings with ox-bone drops complete the look perfectly.

Skull jewellery - a hint of rebellion in a sea of conformity

This is a skull you can wear to the most formal of occasion, a provocative hint of wild amongst the monotonous sameness of demure chains or glitzy diamonds. It’s a stand-out statement, but a subtle one. Its spirit is bohemian - but its execution is a product of a century of crystal artistry. The Swarovski skull has a delicious mocking quality to it. It’s an eye-brow raising piece that earns a second - and third - glance. Partnered with formal wear, it’s a provocative question mark that adds interest and a touch of irony. It makes a statement, and adds an extra dimension to your outfit. 

Rose gold Swarovski skull necklace and matching skull earrings

The chic luxe of these rose-gold Swarovski skull earrings and matching skull necklace are perfect accessories for the most formal occasions.

The Swarovski skull earring is the perfect piece to subtly acknowledge your bohemian side. Perfectly crafted and gleaming like tiny diamonds, the baby-size Swarovski skull earrings are dainty enough to team with the most classic outfit, and the crystal shades are dazzling as any precious gem. 


The ultra versatile Swarovski skull earring is a perfect match with any outfit

This black ultra versatile Swarovski skull earring adds a subtle touch of wild to the most demure outfit. A union of irony and art.


The Swarovski skull earring is available in stunning red magma crystal

The skull earring in the stunning, volcanic red magma shade. Add devilish oomph to a demure outfit and invite a second glance.

The Swarovski skull lets you wear your art 

Swarovski skulls are truly a work of sculptured crystal art. Many jewellers have tried to emulate the precision and beauty of the skull, but the shades and luminosity infusing Swarovski jewellery have never been duplicated by their competitors. The facets of precision-cut crystal are just dazzling, and the colours astonishing in their vibrancy. It’s not surprising. Swarovski have perfected their secret crystal working techniques for over one-hundred years. Founding his company in Austria in 1895, Daniel Swarovski's ambition was to create ‘a diamond for everyone.’ Since then, Swarovski jewellery has graced Parisian couture houses and the American jazz generation. Ever watched the iconic movies 'Diamonds are a girl’s best friend' and 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s'? You guessed it, those glorious gems worn by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were Swarovski. Welcome to a very exclusive club, Swarovski skull! 

A nod to 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' in this onyx Swarovski skull bracelet and earring set

A nod to 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' in this onyx Swarovski skull earring and bracelet combination.

The skull comes in a range of stunning colours and finishes. Her Lovely Bones Swarovski skull earrings and necklaces are available in virtually all of the shades. The skull bracelet combines the black and rainbow crystal baby skulls with onyx.

Ready to take the Swarovski skull to the next level? The unique design below is a true show-stopper.

Swarovski skull earrings with turquoise dangle down to your shoulders on sterling silver swirls

Sterling silver swirls suspend sunshine-gold Swarovski skulls and rare Castle Dome turquoise.

Skull earrings, rings and necklaces - must-have designer favourites

The skull has certainly become this seasons cat-walk favourite, whether encrusted with diamonds and costing over $2000.00 (Christian Koban), or the colourful skull collections of Moschino and Alexander McQueen, rainbow-brilliant with precious gems.

Designer Swarovski skull earrings, rings and necklaces dominate this season's catwalks

Christian Koban's skull diamond ring (,Werkstatt:Munchen's gold skull ring, ( Alexander McQueen skull ring (, Alexander McQueen skull necklace (, Moschino's skull earrings (Farfetch) and Moschino's skull ring Farfetch) are just a few examples of top designer interpretations of the skull as must-have accessories.

Tempted to skull it? 

There are lots of ways to update a wardrobe that's starting to look a bit staid and last season. The trick used by It-Girls and Influencers is to add an unexpected element to your everyday outfits. Add red vinyl boots, a lime-green handbag, or Victoria's Beckham's go-to oomph element, lavender pumps, with EVERYTHING.

But if you're not quite ready to make a huge fashion leap, Swarovski skull jewellery is a perfect way to introduce the unexpected into your wardrobe. A great start is the simple stand-alone skull earring, but if you're after a more tribal look, the dainty skull and turquoise earring is a perfect option.

Clear crystal tribal look Swarovski skull with turquoise rondelles and silver arrow earrings

A tribal interpretation of the Swarovski skull earring - clear crystal, turquoise rondelles and a sterling silver arrow.

Her Lovely Bones jewellery has the most extensive Swarovski skull jewellery collection available. Interested in exploring the many facets of the skull? Hope to see you there...